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Wherever History Meets Faith

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Argolis, a place which linked human activity to divine reference, since the first time man ever lived in its soils.


This is what urged us to combine the archaeological and historical element to the divine one, offering the visitor the possibility to meet the religiousness of people in the history of Argolis through time via a comprehensive guide, having as a starting point well known archaeological sites.


The guide you are now holding in your hands goes beyond the scientific framework of an ordinary classic archeological or ecclesiastical tourist guide. It is more based on verbal tradition and on the experience and perception of the prefecture’s residents and, in a lighter tone, it tells the story of this place through human and natural monuments, offering the visitor the chance to perceive each chapter as if he was interpreting a work of art and to identify himself with the places he visits through his imagination.


God created Earth,
Earth created Greece,
and Greece created Argolis,
the promised land
François Mitterand

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