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Mount of Saints

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…Every year, once even twice, I would visit the Mount to breathe its air, to listen to its voice. Very little or at all was I interested in its immeasurable cultural treasures. What interested me the most were its people, or rather, the unseen side of the Mount. Some unsung old men who impress you thanks to their simplicity and benevolence, foolishness and authenticity, kindness but also toughness, freedom, even conservatism.

I liked in particular and was seeking to listen to the narrations of the monks of Athos, especially the old ones. I liked the way they were narrating, even if there was a sort of naivety or rather childishness in their sayings. Besides, “the Kingdom of Heaven belongs to them..” Thus, may this notebook / diary be a fair benefit to the Mount of Athos and a deep gratitude to the fathers of Mount Athos whom we met and who supported us in the difficult years of our youth and further ahead.


Author: Metropolitan Bishop of Argolis, Nektarios Antonopoulos
Dimensions: 24 x 17 cm

 ISBN: 978-618-82810-5-9

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