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Nikolaos, Monk of Athos

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This book looks into a totally unknown figure, who became a martyr, living the adventure of love for God. It is about Nikolaos, Monk of Athos, of Turkish origin, worldly known as Yusuf Abdul Ogli. His eventful and adventurous life frequently leaves the reader speechless.  He sees how God’s hand guides His dear servant through pain, victimization and persecution towards salvation and holiness. For decades, monk Nikolaos was literally abandoned. His home denounced and betrayed him, his country persecuted him, his new country also treated him with suspicion.

Many years of incredible trials passed, so that he can finally chant “we went through the fire and water; but you brought us out into [a place of] refreshment”. The prior Muslim became worthy not only to get to know the real belief and to get baptized, but also to put on the form of an angel and with God’s grace to see and to taste “visions and revelations of the Lord”. Like Paul, the Apostle, in the end of his life “was caught up to paradise and heard inexpressible things, things that no one is permitted to tell”, experiences and circumstances in which very few have lived.


Author: Metropolitan Bishop of Argolis, Nektarios Antonopoulos
Dimensions: 22.5 x 15 cm

ISBN: 9-786188-231375

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